About Us


About Us

The Pipeclay Club was formed on the 16th May 1881.

Today, after a fascinating history and many incarnations, the Club is a 'Virtual Club' run by volunteers without premises.

The Club runs a range of annual functions, the majority of which are at the RACV City Club.

Our Purpose

  • To record and preserve the history and heritage of The Pipeclay Club and the Naval & Military Club Melbourne
  • To foster an interest in the study and recording of military history and the military history and history of associated activities of Australia
  • To conduct lectures, seminars and commemorative events.
  • To establish and administer scholarships and awards for the furtherance of the recognition of excellence in knowledge of Australian history and heritage
  • To conduct fundraising from the Public, State, Local and Federal Government, Business and Corporations and other Australian and International Organisations and Government to raise funds to assist in the activities of the Association.
  • To receive donations and other gifts for the furtherance of the purposes of the Association and disburse those funds in the furtherance of those purposes.
  • To make contributions from any fund or funds of the Association whether by way of gratuities, testimonials or otherwise to any person, body, institution or organization in any cases where in the opinion of the Associated it is desirable in the interests of the Association that such contributions should be made.
  • To do all such acts or things as may promote the objects of the Association.

A Virtual Club

We envisage a Club that is run by volunteers and does not have premises. We have adopted a low cost model using our website www.pipeclay.com.au as our on-line meeting place and information centre. We do not wish to incur costs sending out mail, and we do not have the resources to 'stuff' envelopes. Instead, we will rely on email to communicate with you.

The Club will run a range of functions of interest to members, and choose venues appropriate for those functions. Functions will be run with the intention of breaking even and making a small contribution to ongoing overheads. Many of these functions will be held at the RACV City Club at 501 Bourke Street Melbourne, as they have a wide range of high quality facilities, and over six hundred Naval and Military Club members took up the RACV's generous offer to join.